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Animation is the perfect medium for telling a brand story.

Our animators create vibrant films using a variety of animation techniques and styles. We also specialise in writing engaging scripts and identifying the best voice talent to bring to life the animation.

2D Animation

 From key messages and data to product explanations, 2D animation can bring complex and potentially overwhelming communications to the next level with appealing and concise imagery.

3D Animation

From photo-realism to cartoony fun, 3D animation can tell stories and describe spaces in a near limitless array of styles and aesthetics.


A hugely popular technique, stop motion is guaranteed to impress your audience. It is also an incredibly flexible and diverse option, allowing us to adapt it for almost any product or service.




This charming technique can transform a live action film and capture your audiences’ imagination. From documentaries and short films to corporate video productions and idents, there are numerous examples of how it can be employed.


This traditional method is slightly less popular now that computers have come to dominate the field, but we have access to hugely talented animators who use the technique to great effect.



Our outstanding motion design team can generate graphics to industry leading standards. We regularly work with major corporate and commercial clients, so we understand the importance of adhering to style guidelines and maintaining the brand vision.